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Team EnergyA club of energy enthusiasts

Team Energy is a student team at Eindhoven University of Technology. It organises a whole bunch of activities with the aim to enthuse students with the developments in the field of clean energy. It was founded in 2013, and evolves ever since. A lot of initial peculiarities are still there, such as the use to communicate in English, which welcomes foreign students, or the division of the team in subteams per activity, each with its own autonomy to some extent.

I came up with the idea, beginning 2013, that the TU/e lacked the expression of excitement about everything that happens on the campus. There was an Energy Day, originally a master class for physics students, but there was no broad advertisement. I foresaw a big event - a symposium - where all the university's cool energy research was displayed, and the subject was explained to a broad audience, especially to young students who yet have to decide what direction to choose. To some sense you could say that the Energy Now congress - organised after the time I was actively member - is the realisation of my first dream.

After these first thoughts I discussed this with a friend of mine, Pieter. Wouldn't it be nice if we had more energy enthusiasm at the university? There is this one event, called the Energy Day, but it's a bit hidden to the public. We could start by help advertising this event. So we contacted Strategic Area Energy to have a meeting.

More to come

website: teamenergy


They are setting up an alumni network. Contact me if you haven't heard anything yet. See About for my contact details.