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I met Fatih in the late train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. He was from Turkey. In this one-week holiday he visited his daughter who was living near Rotterdam. Today he had taken te Sprinter to Amsterdam, which was his first story. The conversation developed via studying abroad - which his daughter did in Delft (Industrial Design) and I had done in Korea - to individualism versus collectivism - the route to the latter topic began by his memory of a documentary he had seen about the North Side of Korea. This was an interesting conversation, in which we agreed on the irrationality of man and our close relation to (our animal) nature. Turkey apparently is also a country where people - because of a long tradition of listening to great leaders and a poor education that limits a larger share of the people to thinking for themselves - elect leaders with a lack of "an ethical and aesthetical mind". Nevertheless, I should come to Turkey to see the beautiful nature, the "hot" people (I think he meant 'warm') and the history (city of 7kyr old). In the last ten years he had visited The Netherlands. Everytime he thinks of this place as Wonderland (from Alice). Every rock has been touched, yes every square meter is organised. In Turkey he had suggested (or contributed to the story) to invite fifty or one hundred Dutch managers to organise Turkey. Then the country will be alright. Though this was in jest, I have offered him my help, or intention at least. After arrival in Roffadam, I brought him to the metro and we shook hands.