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Software projects

Software development, like other fields, has coined specific meaning to certain words. A project certainly is one of them. In software, a project is a collection of files and folders that contains the code for some functionality that is standalone or part of a larger set of projects. Such a project can be a website, a server, an interface.

Making a Readme file

By convention, a file called Readme.md in the project root folder, will be displayed as the first explanation about your code.

Since (12:11 29-7-2017), I have started to work on my Readme by beginning with a reference to the Programmers Oath (see here). From now on, my official Readme's will be in development.


The following code has been produced and maintained solely by computer programmers that have promised to work in the obeyance of The Programmer's Oath.

From this source, the same holds for the language about this code.