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Hello I am Guido. Born in Rotterdam, in a heyday of some Western-European economies, like the Dutch, and exactly three years before the German unity.

Growing up behind the dikes of the Krimpenerwaardpolders and going to atheneum in Rotterdam provided me an interesting perspective on the difference between village, town and city life.

I have studied at Eindhoven University of Technology, just before the completion of Flux. After a propaedeutic diploma Building and Architecture, I switched studies to become physicist.

In the meantime, I got interested in the field of clean and sustainable energy. Already somewhat longer, I stroke an optimistic attitude towards the human capabilities to continue to live on this planet peacefully. Therefore, I started to enjoy thoughts on how I could contribute to a cleaner energy system with my knowledge and skills on the matter.

Wandering through the topics a bachelor physicist encounters, my mind's eye fell on the possibility to do a specialisation in Nuclear Fusion at the Applied Physics faculty. I did a research project there, on a broader perspective of energy technologies: placing fusion in the economy of energy sources. This was the start of a journey, together with the Energy Futures department of Shell, that has already resulted in a publication.

During my studies, I was involved in the conception and foundation of a student think-tank of energy enthusiasts: Team Energy. Right after this I joined a startup that developed an app that helps neigbours doing groceries for each other, which failed.

I have been filling my own toolbox with software developments skills. I am interested in various topics on which I occasionally write in the blog section of this page. Doing amounts of work in business, I needed to find a balance to write again.

After a rest, I am again active in research, about the socio- and techno-economics of energy technologies. Especially fusion. We ask ourselves the question, how would fusion do in the commercial uptake? Who would buy or build it. Who would invest? For what term? If you want to know more, welcome to visit the Blog.

Here, I continue to write about myself. Maybe my self too, or I dump this somewhere else.

To be continued

Meer over mij

Hallo ik ben Guido. Ik ben natuurkundige, taalpurist en ontwikkelaar. Ik schrijf over ideeën binnen en buiten deze domeinen.

Ik ben een onderzoeker, van origine technisch natuurkundige, via software-engineer, naar techno-economisch onderzoek van energiebronnen. Ik schrijf en dicht weleens. Ik vertrouw gedachten toe aan getyp.

Wanneer het u verheugt te corresponderen, bent u welkom om dat via de social-media-iconen te doen in About.

Blijf u vooral bekwamen in het schriftelijk uiten, had mijn moeder me eens toegedicht. Daarom oefen ik dat zo nu en dan.

What if I needed to tell something about you?

As you are reading this, you are alive and having access to a computer, probably with internet. Reading this requires you to understand English and probably you have heard from me before you read this page.

So, you can be placed in one of the social network bubbles that exchange information with ones that I can be placed. At the time of writing - about a year after 159 countries ratified the Paris Agreement - it is very hard to assess the lifetime of this piece of digital information, but on this day the chance seems to be largest that you have been born around 50 years from my birthdate and the chance that our age difference is bigger, decreases with the magnitude of that difference. Let's picture some flattened normal distribution curve of our mutual age difference.